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Time to Move On?

Time now to move on, now I'm home again
A friend was lost, it's true, but sweet memories remain
Another nephew has been found, lost for 40 years
But there are no others now, of that I have no fears

This seems to be our family's failing, losing touch with some
All those years of pain from some simple thought did not come
And now that I am near my end, would I have changed my life?
Yes, I would, but what to change is hard to say, or write

For years I was defined by my work, by my trade
All that working time left my family in the shade
I fooled myself I did it for them, and even for their wealth
Better I would have been to concentrate on health

We men do think we are the only ones that can work
The woman's place is in the home, how Victorian and dark
Loyal though I was, I would be better to have strayed
Then, returning, I would know myself and my ways

As it is now I am lost amongst my memories and fears
Every day I now do find that I am shedding tears
I have wasted so much time it makes me weep and cry
To be so near the end of life with tears still in my eye

Death is fine I have no fear of it, no, not in the least
It comes to all of us in time, it is our last release
I just do ask that someone dear is there right at the end
My own regret is that I was not there for my friend!

With Trees as Green as These

With trees as green as these there is no need of Rain
Moisture enough there is in rock where seeds will sprout again
Cicadas sing their songs of joy all the day and night
There is no need for aught else, except God's guiding light

With trees as green as these there is no need of Sun
Heat enough there is in rock where warmth will always come
Nightingales do sing at dusk, some say they sing at dawn
There is no need for further life except God's gentle fawn

With trees as green as these there is no need of Air
Air enough there is here so I think it is not fair
Insects do not come here except those cricket types
There is no need for more winged beasts in this town so nice

With trees as green as these there is no need for Man
Men enough have been here and for this land had their plan
Women now should take control and work their magic charms
Compassionate and caring, that would banish all those arms

With trees as green as these there is no need for War
War enough we have had, for centuries and more
War should now be banished, Love will fill our needs
To allow the future growth of all those barren seeds

With trees as green as these, there is water and to spare
The quality of beauty here is something truly rare
The water flowing down the rills is clear and spakling white
God's gift to man is here to see for those who will ... and might

Each day is a new gift to us, we must be true and sure
The water is just like new life all tumbling to the shore
And at the end we only have the memories to keep
The rest is lost and oft too soon, and that does make us weep


There should be Truth in Beauty and Beauty then in Truth
So why does God take back a Girl still Perfect in her Youth?
It makes not sense to me, does it make any sense to you?
To take away the Old is fine, the Young should see Life through

To take one who has had less than half the allotted span
And such perfection in her form, a perfect mate for Man
There be no logic in this, so why do You this condone
I can only think that You do want her for your own

Are You jealous of our Love and unable us to trust
Do you see our love as only basic simple human lust?
But there is higher Love, much more akin to Yours
Between a Man and Woman, a Love that our Soul adores


I walk into the garden, the frost is on the ground
There are no birds to welcome me, no, not a sound
My breath it billows out like steam and I am quite alone
This is not good for me now, to be here on my own

My friend would join me here and we would quietly talk
About our plans and what we'd do when she again could walk
We wanted so to go on walks and maybe swim together
But now she's gone it will not be, never, never, ever

I suppose that we were fooling, we both did know the truth
But neither of us would admit, she would be taken in her youth
For she still had youth, and beauty, and should have had more years
So I am left alone here, with just memories, and tears